Let's get personal

Let's get personal

DRIVERBACK is a Texas based, Dad/Daughter duo start-up just taking off in the Lone Star State. All plastic parts are injection molded and assembled at their DRIVERBACK facility in Leander, Texas just a few miles north of Austin. 

Greg came up with the idea for DRIVERBACK after decades spent searching for bits, and cussing. Although he thought about it for years it wasn't until his last home build he saw the blatant need for DRIVERBACK. His bits kept "walking off" (in subs & helpers pockets) and every window frame required multiple screw heads. With these two bad-asses at the helm you can be sure you are "Always Ready For Your Next Screw!"

Greg Brull


Greg is a loving Dad and innovative business man with extensive knowledge in all things mechanical and technical.  He has done it all and can fix damn near anything. 


Greg started working for his Dad, Elmer, at his automotive shop around 16 years old.  He purchased one of Elmer's auto shops and ran it successfully through the early 90's.  For a few years he and Chery dabbled in Emu and Ostrich breeding as a side project.  He called it right when he decided to sell them all off and move the family to Austin, just after moving to Austin the Emu/Ostrich market tanked. 


With no prior experience in concrete and always one for a challenge, he decided to open up a dispatch plant. He piece-mealed mixer trucks and a batch plant together and in 1995 Alpha Concrete was born.   


Greg is somewhat camera shy so he is usually behind the scenes unless he's been drinking.  He is part of the 'Men Who Wear Socks with Sandals Club' but don't let that fool you, he's one badass dude.


-Born and raised in Texas 

-Current favorite beer is Lone Star

-Eats Tex-Mex almost every day of the week

-Married to Chery for 40 years 

-They have four kids together

-Loves any and all things Nikola Tesla

-If he isn't working he is enjoying a nap in his recliner

-Has built every home the family has lived in

-Has owned/operated Alpha Concrete for 25+ years

Even though they are cut from same cloth, Michelle comes to DRIVERBACK with a slightly different background.


Michelle opened up a storefront bakery (her childhood dream) in Austin at 22 and successfully ran it through her twenties. After years of slinging glitter and homemade buttercream, she decided to sell it. 


She started school to become a gemologist as well as learning from Argentium silver queen Ronda Coryell learning soldering techniques.


She abruptly moved to Houston, from Austin to purchase her grandparents Organ and Tissue transport business after her Grandfather passed.  She immediately started school to become a licensed funeral director, graduated and still holds a Texas State License to this day. 

Michelle was looking for something more demanding than just the transport business and loved the thought of working alongside her Dad and all that she could learn from him.  They both dove in working together on every aspect of the business.  They traveled to the Plastics convention in Florida to find an injection machine and then took a Father/Daughter work trip to Germany for Arburg Tech Days after purchasing a machine.  


She loves how this business has brought them close and how they have taken their own independent strengths and meshed them into an amazing combination.  Time is precious and she never got much time in the past with them both being workaholics.  DRIVERBACK has allowed them to make up for lost time, a real dream come true.

Michelle has since become the resident injection molding  and impact driver expert.  On the daily she handles all marketing, website design & orders as well as the other small tasks that goes into a new startup.


-She loves color, the more the better

-Dabbles in Golf

-Was a member of the RCSF BBQ cookoff team

-All about a good Old Fashioned

-Hella into gardening

-Loves damn near anything vintage

-Dispatches calls 24/7/365 for the transport business

-Has tried any and every craft that exists

-Has been referred to as Martha Stewart (without the jail time) 

Michelle Brull

Texas James

Texas born and raised. Jack of all trades, master of none. 


He spent thirteen years in Nascar until he was banned for 'inappropriate' on field actions.  Trying to line dance in the nude across the finish after winning the 500 is apparently prohibited, even if you're shooting fireworks and waving a Texas flag.  He also assaulted a fan with a full beer can but he didn't spill a drop of the beer in his other hand.  He won All-State Champion Line Dancer in '86, despite this his doctors told him to quit the hotdogs so he switched to gas station kolaches. 


He came across his pride and joy, a1974 Lincoln Mark IV, in the yard at Alpha Concrete and wanted to buy it. It wasn't for sale at the time but next thing Greg knew he was sleeping in it and just never left. 


Texas James is (faintly) related to the Brull's.  He is Greg's Mamma's cousin's ex-husbands step-brother.  Texas James is paid in beer and is allowed to sleep where he falls.  He manages to keep the concrete trucks clean and gets the DRIVERBACK deliveries shipped out, most of the time. 


Besides always being around he is more entertaining than he is capable.

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 4000 Highway 183, Leander, Texas, 78641 USA